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Financial Services

Investment Management

ZWM offers customized solutions for your investment needs.  All advice is tailored to your needs meaning we can work with existing positions or investments you want while building a diversified portfolio around those holdings.  ZWM operates under the belief that global diversification, risk management, regular rebalancing, and cash flow planning are the keys to long term success.  Investment management is done in house, mainly with exchange traded funds to keep underlying expenses low.  

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is any service where you pay an hourly rate for professional help.  This can be for holistic financial planning, estate planning, investment planning where investments are held outside of ZWM, cash flow planning, pension analysis or just about anything else that involves your financial lives.


Financial Planning starts with gathering your information: how much you spend, how much you earn, what you have, and what are your goals.  From there we map out what various scenarios look like by using a Monte Carlo simulator.  The results give us a probability of success to achieve your goals.  From there we can figure out how to increase the probability of success or how to maximize things such as net worth and wealth transfer, or minimize things like taxes.  In addition we can look at the impact of an early death of a spouse, the impact of Long Term Care on your finances, or how much insurance is necessary.


Insurance is important, but the way insurance is typically sold is infuriating.  Many agents use scare tactics to sell high cost insurance and annuities when there are other options available.  At the core I believe insurance should be used to the extent necessary with the goal of getting people self-insured later in life.  Insurance should be used to protect against the unexpected or to aid in wealth transfer and estate tax mitigation.  I do not believe that insurance should be used in the "wealth accumulation" stage.  This means using policies that are fixed and do not involve cash value.

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