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Creating a fair fee schedule for everyone

Investment Management Fees

Investment Management: 1% on assets up to $250k, 0.50% on anything above $250k.  Fees are capped at $10,000 per year per household.  Underlying fund expenses depend of the investments and are built into the return.  ZWM portfolios typically have underlying expenses of roughly 0.15% which are not paid to us and are not reflected in the examples below.

Example 1: Husband and Wife each have Traditional IRA’s valued at $25k each. They also have a Roth IRA at $50k and a Joint Account valued at 100k for a total of $200k in assets. Their total annual fee is $2000 per year ($200k in total assets x 1%)

Example 2: A married couple have a $1million Joint Account and $200k in each IRA plus a $100k Roth IRA for a total of $1.5million.  Their total annual fee is $8750 (1% x $250k plus 0.5% on $1.25million).


Example 3: A Widow has $5million in a taxable account and $1million in her IRA.  In this case she would pay $10,000 because she his the annual maximum.  Otherwise the fee would look like (1% x $250k plus 0.5% x $5.75Mil = $31,250)

Financial Planning Fees

There is no additional charge for Financial Planning if you have assets under management at ZWM.

If you want a 3rd party view on current holdings, an unbiased financial plan, or you want to work with a financial services fiduciary in an hourly capacity, the charge is $300 per hour.  A time estimate will be given and contract will be completed before any hourly fees are due

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