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Exceptional Value

The ZWM Difference

Capped fees​

  • It doesn't require a lot more work to manage a $20million portfolio relative to a $1million portfolio.  But, the fee at 0.5% is $100k vs, $5k in this example.  Is your advisor doing 20 times more work?

  • I try to think of my time in terms of an hourly rate.  Financial services is one of the few industries I can think of where professionals are not paid based on the time they spend.  Lets say you have $5mil in investable assets.  Many firms charge you 1% to manage that alongside underlying fees, like mutual fund fees or 3rd party manager fees.  Our underlying expense fees are typically below 0.20%, and there are no 3rd party fees.  Just looking at your advisor fee of 1% on a $5million portfolio, you’d incur a $50k annual fee.  Even at 0.5% which would be considered a bargain in the industry, you’d may $25k in fees.  So, if you  are working with an advisor in this situation, are you getting $25k-$50k in value?  If so that’s great, but if not give me a call.

  • Now let’s say you want to go with a Roboadviser and get very low fees.  Those are going to be anywhere from 0.15-0.25% at the low end which would be $7,500-12,500.  With this you are dealing with a call center which may not be located in the United States.  What if you have a complex question?  Are you prepared to deal with a chat box and/or long hold times for this “low” cost?

No Financial Planning Minimums

Many if not most financial planning firms charge a minimum of $2000-$2500 for financial planning.  I charge an hourly rate with no minimum.  So maybe you just have basic question like: Am I investing in my 401k correctly; what would be more beneficial, Roth or Pretax investments; What pension option makes most sense?  Any of these can typically be answered if far less time that it would take for me to accrue $2000 in fees.  Come by my office and buy an hour of my time.  It'll cover a lot of information and cost you a fraction of typical advisor minimums.

Happy To Work With Anyone

Large firms which are household names won't even talk to you if you have under $250k to invest.  Many other firms will sell high cost products that generate high commissions to clients with smaller balances,or overcomplicate things.  ZWM offers fee-only, fiduciary, straight-forward advice to everyone. 


Client Limits

Limiting number of families to 100 to ensure proper service levels

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