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Writing this blog has been a great experience so far.  Admittedly, writer’s block combined with the day to day of running a business has my wheels spinning more than I thought. Especially since it is early on in my blog posting career.  I’m trying to steer clear of any market commentary due to the fact that it quickly becomes outdated, and nobody really knows what the market will do.  Let’s focus on making wise decisions.  For the next number of posts I thought I’d pay homage to David Letterman and create a Top 10 list of financial wisdom.  Over the next few weeks my posts will be shorter, but all will be centered around a different Top 10 Item.

These are really in no particular order.  But in my opinion these are simple things you can do or think about to make your financial lives better:

1.        Know your spending habits

2.        Set goals

3.        Take risks and manage risks

4.        Educate yourself

5.        As a couple, be on the same page financially

6.        Save for a rainy day

7.        Create options for yourself

8.        Plan/think about retirement early on in your career

9.        Create an estate plan

10. Make tax wise decisions

Each one of these can be written about at length.  I’m not looking to get too far in the weeds.  My personal experiences over the years will (hopefully) add some good insight while keeping things light.  Any feedback anyone has is more than welcome.  Enjoy the next number of weeks’ worth of posts!  Please follow ZWM on Facebook and Linked In as well.  And, please tell your friends!

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